Mariana / انثى:Female / Mexico / Age = العمر = 30


Mariana : I am a honest woman, well educated, family oriented, down to earth, sensitive, generous, helpful, calm, and very sweet with understanding I am ready to establish a serious and long term relationship with the right man and I know It can be a loving, caring, sweet, responsible, romantic, faithful and I love to express my feelings. I am fully ready and committed to begin a serious relationship. In my relationship I love even the small things between a man and a woman, sharing thoughts together, good and bad moments of life, and also the intimacy, grocery shopping and preparing food together, visiting family and friends as a couple, planning a future together and much more. : swimming, running, football and basket ball


انا ابحث عن : I'm Looking for

ابحث عن:Want to find: (رجل:Male) : 18 - 75

هدف البحث: تعارف بقصد الزواج : Dating for the purpose of marriage : Your purpose

الوضع الاجتماعي: Any : marital status

التعليم: لا يهم : Education

الطول: 145 cm - 165 cm : Height

المظهر: معتدل : Average : Body type

الديانة: لا يهم : Religion

التدخين: لا يهم : Smoking

الكحول: لا يهم : Drinking



بياناتي : Brief

سنة : year / 30 / العمر : Age

Mexico, Mexico - Mexico : العنوان : Address

التعليم : ثانوي : High School : Education

: المهنة Military : Occupation

الوضع الاجتماعي: اعزب / single : marital status

الطول: 160 cm : Height

لون الشعر: اسود : Black : Hair color

لون العيون: اسود : Black : Eyes color

المظهر: معتدل : Average : Body type

الديانة: الاسلام : Islam : Religion

التدخين: لا : No : Smoking

الكحول: لا : No : Drinking

لديك اطفال: لا : Have children

تريد اطفال: نعم : Want children



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